Intruder: Vulnerability Scanner


Starting from $300/ month
Monthly subscription plus a per-target fee
Everything from our Essential Plan, plus…
Run additional scans on demand
Emerging threat notifications
Checks for Web Application flaws such as SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting
Network view
AWS, Jira and Slack integration
Unlimited user accounts

Starting from $650 / month
Billed annually, plus a per-target fee
Everything from our Pro Plan, plus…
Hybrid penetration testing helps identify issues beyond the capabilities of automated scans
Technical advice from security experts



A proactive vulnerability scanner, for your external infrastructure.

Intruder is a cloud-based vulnerability scanner that finds cyber security weaknesses in your most exposed systems, to avoid costly data breaches.

Proactive monitoring

On average, over 8,000 new vulnerabilities are discovered in common software and hardware platforms every year. That’s over 20 every single day.

Most companies don’t have time to keep on top of these, IT managers have a million other things to do, and even well resourced security teams can be kept busy with tracking remediation activity, providing management reports, responding to incidents, providing advice to the business, and all the other work that security teams do.

That’s why Intruder runs Emerging Threat Scans for newly discovered vulnerabilities. When we identify a new vulnerability that could critically affect your systems, we’ll start scanning your targets immediately to ensure you are not vulnerable.

Enterprise-grade security

We didn’t start Intruder to re-invent the wheel. There were already lots of vulnerability scanners out there, and they all had a lot in common. In fact, when it comes down to the actual checks they perform, there isn’t a huge difference between them, especially at the top end of the spectrum.

That’s why we set out to do something different, a simple, proactive scanner that’s designed to worry about your security, so you don’t have to.

Of course when it comes to security, simplicity isn’t always a good thing. That’s why under the hood we use an enterprise-grade scanning engine, one that’s used by big corporations and governments all over the world. We couldn’t have built that from scratch, there are many thousands of checks and tests going back for decades that we wouldn’t want to recreate, but do want to make sure we have in the arsenal, just in case.