VPN Searches Zimbabwe Up By Over 2000%(Social Media Shutdown)

Iran, Yemen, China, North Korea, Turkey, and many other countries on the globe have at one point or another started employing the practice of censoring the Internet domestically. This either partially or greatly restricted the international freedom of speech of its citizens. While a large portion of the world enjoys the ability to log into […]

Bitcoin Cash and its hard fork

In the space of the blockchain, blocks are created when there are a group of transactions done. In other words every group of transaction of a given blockchain cryptographic asset are done, the blockchain created a new block. *For more information on how to invest in bitcoin, bitcoincash and alternative cryptoassets/cryptocurrencies. Please e-mail malcolm@bitcoin101.co.zw and […]

My 10 SAFE tips for computing

1. UPDATES/PATCHES Always make sure you have an updated version of windows, Turn on automatic updates, these updates are necessary because windows might have found a bug or exploit they want to fix. 2.INSTALL PROTECTIVE SOFTWARE Always make sure you have an up to date antivirus, The Free ones do a good job, but I […]

9 Simple Ways to Protect your Privacy

9 Simple Ways to Protect your Privacy While you may think your personal information is actually personal, you’d be surprised how much information about you winds up online. Just do a search for yourself on Pipl, a people search directory, to see the personal details out there. (Go on, we’ll wait.) Chances are the search […]

Zimbabwe’s First Bitcoin ATM

Understanding BITCOINS FOR FREE BITCOIN see the end of this post! What is Bitcoin? Since anything digital can be copied over and over again, the hard part about implementing a digital payment system is making sure that nobody spends the same money more than once. Traditionally, this is done by having a trusted central authority […]

Cyber Security Threats

First and Foremost, too understand the importance of Zimbabwe Cyber Security Association and Cyber Security in general, you need to understand where Zimbabwe stands when it comes to the internet and devices. Across Zimbabwe expect cyber security to have an explosion of growth over the next few years. Statistics provided by Postal & Telecommunications Regulatory […]

How Hackers steal passwords with USB

Note:This tutorial is only for educational purpose and this is easy to prevent just dont allow random people to stick their USBs on you PC/Laptop and have an up to date Antivirus. We don’t provide the links of the tools you can Google them and get an updated version of it. Today I will show […]

The Dark Web

The internet is a much, much bigger place than you probably realise. You know about Facebook, Google, newsday and Amazon, but do you really know what’s lurking beyond those user-friendly and respectable websites? This is but a tiny corner of the internet, and the Dark Web and the Deep Web loom in much shadier corners. […]

Secure Emailing

In a world where Google and the NSA inspect every email, a truly secure email service would be a godsend. Several email systems have touted themselves as secure, but we eventually learned that they were flawed or that their servers could be grabbed and inspected or otherwise compromised. About ProtonMail ProtonMail was developed in 2013, […]